Monday, October 31, 2011

Facebook wants Credits to grow up and leave the house

Facebook wants Credits to grow up and leave the house

Facebook Inc. wants to know if Facebook Credits can establish itself as the Internet’s currency.

To test that notion, the social network says that for the first time it will enable web sites to process payments for virtual and digital goods using Facebook Credits. Just as it does on, the social network is taking a 30% cut of Facebook Credit transactions.

One site taking part in the test is RealNetwork’s, which sells virtual goods for the game Collapse! Blast. Offering consumers the option to use Facebook Credits to pay makes sense because that's how they're used to paying while playing games on Facebook, says Matt Hulett, president. "Facebook is the largest gaming platform in the world," he says. "Millions of those consumers who play games already have Credits balances. So why would you want to require them to pay with a different currency?"

Ensuring consumers have a consistent experience is one of the drivers of Facebook's push. “We've heard from developers that the ability to offer Facebook Credits on their own web sites would help unify their applications on and off Facebook," says a Facebook spokesman.

Consumers buy 50 Facebook Credits for $5, though consumers receive bonus Credits with bulk purchases. Retailers can also give away Facebook Credits in promotions. For instance, last year worked with e-marketing firm Ifeelgoods to give consumers 50 Facebook Credits for each purchase. Shoebuy is No. 87 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide.

But until now Facebook Credits has exclusively served as a currency consumers can use to buy virtual and digital goods on more than 1,000 games and applications on the social network. While gaming has been the primary driver spurring consumers' use of Facebook Credits, the payment option is available to all developers. "We're excited to see how developers and partners will extend Credits to offer other digital goods like movies," says the spokesman. For instance, consumers can use 30 Facebook Credits to buy 48 hours of access to stream films from movie studios like Miramax Films.

Moving Credits off of Facebook represents part of a broader push by the social network to expand the virtual currency’s usage. The social network in July made Credits the only payment form accepted to process purchases of virtual goods on the social network. And last week it made Credits available as a payment option for mobile app developers.

For now the social network says it does not plan to enable consumers to purchase physical goods using Credits.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Facebook Credits Expands to Outside Sites for the First Time

Facebook Credits Expands to Outside Sites for the First Time

A pilot is bringing Facebook Credits, the virtual currency for all games on the social network, to independent sites.
“We have begun working with a few developers to test the ability to offer Facebook Credits on websites, with the goal of helping them offer a more unified app experience to users beyond apps on Facebook,” the site states on its blog. “One early example is Collapse! Blast on”

Upon arriving at, players with a Facebook account will find the Credits system in lieu of PayPal and credit card payments, according to an InsideSocialGames post. Facebook earns 30% from each purchase made with Credits.

“At this time, we are focused on gathering early developer feedback,” the site continues in its blog with regards to the pilot. “We will keep you posted as our tests continue. If you are interested in Facebook Credits for websites should we broaden the test, please sign up here.”

Facebook free credits

If you were to purchase 1,000 Facebook credits, you would have to pay $1,000. Scammers are promising free 1,000 or 2,000 credits if you click on the page they provide.

Using fake testimonials, they lure people into clicking on three-four consecutive pages and fill some surveys. That is the trick. They are getting paid as affiliates to have those surveys done. Indeed, at the end of the survey, there are no free points, either.

How to avoid: we know you like freebies, but don’t raise your hopes over free Internet stuff. Report the scammers to Facebook admin.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Facebook Looking to Expand Reach of Facebook Credits

Facebook Credits is no longer solely the domain of Facebook. The once exclusive currency for Facebook is now accepted as payment on for two of their titles as part of a testing program that will see how viable Credits can be outside of the social networking giant.

Facebook Credits, which started way back in July as the exclusive form of payment, was offered as a means for Facebook to ramp up additional revenues through gaming by way of in-game currency. Those credits give Facebook a 30 percent cut of each purchase made, while ensuring that all purchases are made through the Credits system.

The new testing program is offering Facebook Credits as an alternative means of payment, should gamers want to play games on other websites. is already testing the application on two titles, Collapse Blast and Uno Boost.

The viability seems pretty good, with millions of Credits users and accounts already in play. Retailers might have to take a bit less than they're used to, but the potential for millions of customers should more than outweigh the current status-quo.

Facebook notes that the new test is aimed at creating a “more unified app experience.” They also say that they are currently “focused on gathering early developer feedback” on how well the test is going.

Facebook Working With Developers To Test Its Credits For Websites

Facebook Working With Developers To Test Its Credits For Websites

Facebook recently announced that it has started testing its Credits on other websites. The virtual currency launched earlier this year, and all Facebook game developers are now required to process payments using them.

We have begun working with a few developers to test the ability to offer Facebook Credits on websites, with the goal of helping them offer a more unified app experience to users beyond apps on Facebook. One early example is Collapse! Blast on

At this time, we are focused on gathering early developer feedback. We will keep you posted as our tests continue. If you are interested in Facebook Credits for websites should we broaden the test, please sign up here.

If demand is high and the results of the tests are positive, Facebook Credits could become a payment option throughout the web, offering more developers the opportunity to add it to their sites. This would be a big source of revenue for the company, which currently takes 30% of the amount earned through Facebook Credits, leaving 70% for the developers.

Facebook Looking To Transform “Credits” Into A Web Currency

Recently, the Facebook Developer Blog revealed the testing of Credits on various websites with the daring objective to implement a web wide payment system, sometimes in the future.
“We have begun working with a few developers to test the ability to offer Facebook Credits on websites, with the goal of helping them offer a more unified app experience to users beyond apps on Facebook. One early example is Collapse! Blast on”, announced the Developer Blog.
First, Facebook hinted in this direction at the beginning of July, when developers were advised to use Facebook Credits. After the testing time, it is up to the users. If a sufficient number of fans are satisfied with Facebook’s virtual money and make purchases with Credits, the number one social network could expand this option to additional websites.
During the testing, users who log on to Gamehouse and play Collapse Blast or UNO Boost, find the option of Facebook Credits available. For now, Facebook’s teams responsible for the project as well as analysts, are waiting for the developers’ feedback. At the moment, Facebook asks for one third of the revenue when Credits are used on its own network.
Analysts believe that if the expansion strategy is to be successful, this fee has to be adjusted in order to give Facebook a chance against other payment systems. As the Facebook’s evolution so far seem to imply, a bold move is not so farfetched. Soon we might see a widespread of Facebook Credits through cyberspace.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Facebook Testing Facebook Credits on Websites

Facebook Testing Facebook Credits on Websites

Facebook announced it is expanding its Facebook credits to other websites to provide developers for a more "unified app experience to users."
The social network announced the change on its Developer Blog, stating that it is working with only a few developers in a closed, limited test. However, only one example is given, Collapse Blast!, a game at Developers interested in the Facebook Credit testing were also given a link to sign up.

Facebook Credits Take Aim At The Rest Of Web

Facebook Credits Take Aim At The Rest Of Web

The dollar? Meh. The euro? That’s so 1995. Facebook Credits is taking aim at becoming the new universal currency. And it’s starting with the web.
Facebook announced in a post on its Developer Blog Friday that it’s testing the use of Credits on other websites:

The real push began July 1, when game developers were required to use Facebook Credits. Now, the social network is taking aim at the rest of the Internet.
Like our sibling blog Inside Facebook pointed out:
During the test, Facebook will closely monitor the demand for Credits as a payment method and the user experience of those who pay though its virtual currency. If a high enough percentage of users make purchases through Credits and feedback is positive, Facebook may expend additional resources to let more websites add Credits as a payment option.
It’s one thing for Facebook to ask for a 30 percent cut of all revenue earned via transactions on its own site, but if Credits goes from a test to a live phenomenon online, surely that fee might need revisiting in order for the service to compete effectively with other payments systems.
As for the Gamehouse test, Inside Facebook reported that users who log on to the game via Facebook and play Collapse Blast or UNO Boost will only see Credits as a payment option.
It’s possible that moving forward, Facebook Credits might be offered alongside other payment methods.
Readers, do you think Facebook Credits will fly as a currency elsewhere online?

Facebook currency takes to the web

External gaming sites begin trial of Facebook Credits

Facebook has announced a limited test of its virtual currency on external websites, with Flash-based arcades such as becoming the first to accept the web credits as payment.
The social networking site currently takes a 30 per cent cut from all transactions that use Facebook credits, which are primarily used for the buying and selling of virtual goods. Facebook users can now log in automatically through and spend credits on games such as Collapse Blast and UNO Boost.
Facebook will be looking to expand its operation and encourage online game developers to implement its business model. Digital media outlets may be included in future, with possible integration across all online and mobile platforms.
The credits method has replaced the existing PayPal and credit card options. It remains to be seen if Facebook will demand monetary exclusivity for its service.
The early trial will determine the potential success of a branded currency to attract international web developers.
Earlier this month Facebook launched a mobile app that allows users to play games such as FarmVille Express on their tablet devices.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Occupy Farmville? Facebook moves to make credits real currency

Forget occupying Wall Street; those protests against the nation's financial institutions might want to set their sights on Facebook instead. The social network has stepped up efforts to turn its own online currency into cold hard cash.
Facebook now requires companies with sites on the social network to only accept payment in Facebook "credits," and takes 30 percent of every transaction. With over 700 million users, the company is making a small mint in their own bank.

"That's a huge user base, so in a way you've seen Facebook develop its own economy here," says Geekwire's Todd Bishop.

Geekwire reports that for the first time the company is expanding its system of Facebook credits to an outside website, Seattle-based GameHouse, Real Networks game division.

"You can imagine it long-term being something you could even use to buy music or videos," says Bishop. Which could make it a major player in processing payments, possibly challenging Pay Pal or some major credit card companies.

Facebook has also begun selling gift cards at supermarkets and other retailers (recently spotted at a Safeway among others.) Bishop says that was a big factor in making Apple's iTunes popular and profitable.

"Because even people who may not be using it themselves could buy for someone else," Bishop says.

"This could become something that really pervades our society in a broader way if people are really as comfortable with it as Facebook and the Facebook partners say they are."

Perhaps instead of Wall Street, the next round of protests will take place in Farmville.

Game Companies Using Facebook Credits Even When They Don’t Have To

Game Companies Using Facebook Credits Even When They Don’t Have To

Facebook is now allowing its virtual currency to be used off of its social network, a feature that some game companies are finding valuable as they seek new ways to monetize their own sites.
In a blog post aimed at developers, Facebook wrote: “We have begun working with a few developers to test the ability to offer Facebook Credits on websites, with the goal of helping them offer a more unified app experience to users beyond apps on Facebook.”
One of the first partners is GameHouse, a division of Seattle-based RealNetworks. GameHouse will be using credits for both Collapse! Blast and UNO Boost on its own game network at By integrating credits, GameHouse says players will now be able to switch back and forth between Facebook and, while maintaining their scores and data.
“We truly believe that every game will be social someday, whether it’s played on Facebook, Google+, or at,” wrote GameHouse in a blog post.
Since users will still log in to their Facebook accounts to play the games, technically the credits will be purchased directly from Facebook. GameHouse will still have to share 30 percent of the revenue from the sale of Facebook Credits, which is the standard cut on the social network.
GameHouse is one of the first to try using Credits off of the network, but there will likely be others following.
Earlier this month, Zynga announced Project Z, its own gaming platform, which will provide a seamless game experience between Facebook and its own Web site. Despite creating a separate game network, as we wrote at the time of the announcement, Facebook’s influence will be everywhere.
Zynga will use Facebook Connect to enable game players to log in and play the games seamlessly between Facebook and Project Z, and although it declined to comment on the use of Facebook Credits, we can imagine with this trial there will be a role for them on the new platform, as well.

Facebook begins testing Facebook Credits for websites

Facebook begins testing Facebook Credits for websites

Summary: Facebook could one day offer Facebook Credits across the whole Internet. Right now, it’s testing the idea with just a handful of developers.

Facebook has started working with a few developers to test the ability of using Facebook Credits on other websites. Palo Alto says the goal of Facebook Credits for websites is to let developers offer a more unified app experience beyond Facebook apps.

Facebook is not yet sure if it will expand the test more broadly. If demand for the virtual currency is high and the user experience is deemed solid, the company could one day allow all websites to process payments for virtual goods using Facebook Credits.

There is just one early example of the new system: GameHouse’s Collapse! Blast. If you are a developer interested in Facebook Credits for websites, you can sign up at the Facebook Credits Developer Support Form by choosing the fifth category from the list.

“At this time, we are focused on gathering early developer feedback,” a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement. “We will keep you posted as our tests continue.”

In related news, Facebook has added new payment methods for Facebook Credits. Some of the recent additions include: Axeso5 (Brazil), Join Card (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand), Malaysia OBT (Malaysia), MEPS FPX (Malaysia), MEPSCASH (Malaysia), PayEasy (Philippines), PaysBuy (Thailand), SafetyPay (Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, Spain, Austria, Brazil), and WebCash (Malaysia). The social networking giant now supports over 80 payment methods in more than 50 countries around the world.

Facebook Credits launched as an alpha in May 2009. The beta stage started in February 2010 and ended with a final version in January 2011. As of July 2011, all Facebook game developers are required to only process payments through Facebook Credits. It is not (yet?) a mandatory payment option for Facebook apps. Earlier this month, Facebook Credits became available as a payment option to mobile app developers.

Facebook takes a 30 percent cut of all revenue earned through Facebook Credits, leaving developers with the remaining 70 percent. It’s not clear how much revenue the company makes from the virtual currency, but it appears to be a growing percentage of its overall revenue. It could be massive if Facebook Credits for websites takes off.

Facebook testing Credits outside of Facebook

Facebook isn’t a true PayPal competitor, but it’s taking some steps toward becoming an online payments provider outside of its Facebook properties. The social networking giant has begun testing the use of Facebook Credits on two games, Uno Boost and Collapse! Blast, both available on gaming portal GameHouse.

In the test, users of those games will have only one choice of payment option, Facebook Credits, instead of the usual GameHouse options of paying by credit card or PayPal. Players will be able to integrate their game experience of these games on both GameHouse and Facebook and pay for goods from one funding source. Facebook and GameHouse, a unit of RealNetworks, are looking to see how players react to the option, which will determine how each proceeds with Facebook Credits.

This could be a big springboard for Facebook to become a major payments player if it aggressively takes its Facebook Credits to other properties on the web. It’s already made Facebook Credits mandatory for gaming apps on Facebook as of July 1 and an option for other Facebook apps. It recently extended credits to mobile app developers who want to build HTML5 apps on its mobile platform. It was also allowing people to pay using Facebook Credits for things like Facebook Deals. If it can leverage its relationships with Facebook Connect publishers, it can offer a fast and easy payment alternative to credit cards, PayPal or other phone billing options.

Facebook would likely have to lower its cut of transactions, which is currently 30 percent for Facebook developers, if it wants to move beyond virtual goods. But if it got it down to a percentage that was competitive, say around 5 percent or so, it could build off the many Facebook users that already have Facebook Credits. Websites like GameHouse, as well as independent game developers, may stand to benefit if they can drive more transactions with the help of Facebook Credits.

As I wrote before, this could be a stepping stone to Facebook Credits becoming a larger payment service. Right now, it’s not really participating in that battle, but if it can tap its existing relationships with more than 800 million users it might be able to put together a formidable mobile payment competitor. As Erick Tseng, head of mobile products for Facebook, told the crowd at GigaOM’s Mobilize conference last month, the social networking giant is increasingly becoming a mobile company. It stands to reason that Facebook would love to see how far it can take Facebook Credits and make it into a tool that can start with online mobile transactions for virtual goods but could transition into something bigger, first with purchases of physical goods online and then, who knows, perhaps into offline transactions.

That’s a long ways off, but it’s not unheard of. PayPal is making the transition from an online payment company to one that is now poised to target point of sale transactions. Facebook obviously would need to do a whole lot of work to follow in those footsteps. And it has a lot of hurdles in becoming a major payment player: Ogilvy & Mather conducted a survey and found that Facebook was the least trusted option for mobile payments trailing Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal by a wide distance.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if Facebook is eyeing this market. Mobile payments is booming now and expected to become a $670 billion market by 2015. But it starts with small tests like the one with GameHouse. GameHouse president Matthew Hulett said the test will help drive more users to GameHouse as it tries to expand its business to both social and mobile. He said he’s looking forward to bringing Facebook Credits to its 75 mobile apps as well.

“People already have cash balances on Facebook and the amount of friction this reduces is so much greater for us, we haven’t seen any negative impact on us using Facebook Credits after the mandated date of July 1 and I’m very confident consumers like to pay this way,” he said.

Hulett said he believes though its early Facebook Credits could be a big driver of revenue for Facebook, similar to how PayPal has become the main engine of growth for eBay. That will still be ways off, but if Facebook plays its cards right and learns important lessons along the way, it might not be a stretch.

Facebook To Change Social Commerce As They Roll Out Credits To Websites

Facebook To Change Social Commerce As They Roll Out Credits To Websites

Facebook have made their intentions in social commerce clear for a while now. First, Mark Zuckerberg claimed it was the next big thing, and then came news that eBay was integrating Facebook into its payments system, through Facebook’s new Open Graph. The aim is to make shopping online a more personalised experience and now Facebook looks set to take that one step further, as they take Facebook Credits outside of Facebook for the first time. They’re testing a rollout with a limited number of developers and sites, to allow it as a form of payment for virtual goods. You can see this currently in action on the gamehouse site,

The new virtual currency?
This represents a huge opportunity for Facebook. Although in gamehouse, users are still offered the chance to pay for goods by other payment options, it is likely that Facebook will begin taking over social commerce in a whole new way. Sites are already happy enough to allow Facebook to personalise the commerce experience up to the point of transaction, so it’s not a huge leap to introduce it as the very payment method for the transaction itself. Of course if this is to really take off, they might have to work out a better deal than is currently offered, with Facebook taking a 30% cut off developers that use Facebook Credits (which is now enforced as the only accepted payment method within Facebook games for virtual goods).
Although it’s in a test phase which seems limited to virtual goods within games, I would expect Facebook to expand this into retail sites. The biggest problem with Facebook Credits as they stand, is that they only appeal to a limited number of people, due to their practical uses. I have very little personal need to purchase Facebook Credits, but this could soon change, for many consumers, if it’s introduced as a payment option across sites.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Facebook closed beta third party sites Credits virtual currency payment

Facebook has announced that its Facebook virtual currency (Facebook Credits) are closed by test. At present, the Credits is Facebook platform game the only market within all of payment, is also the main application Facebook trade one of payment.

And, more Facebook users have virtual currency account can also enhance Facebook platform to developers appeal. Generally speaking, only a small percentage of every day in the game players are willing to spend money, but if they have a Facebook account virtual currency, their pay will be stronger desire. Facebook in the relief at first may need fees or not to adopt the "sole support" means to attract more website using Facebook virtual currency. But as time goes on, believe that Facebook will be Facebook virtual currency of the main revenue source and attract the main factors of developers.

Facebook closed beta third party sites Credits virtual currency payment

Facebook has announced that its Facebook virtual currency (Facebook Credits) are closed by test. At present, the Credits is Facebook platform game the only market within all of payment, is also the main application Facebook trade one of payment.

And, more Facebook users have virtual currency account can also enhance Facebook platform to developers appeal. Generally speaking, only a small percentage of every day in the game players are willing to spend money, but if they have a Facebook account virtual currency, their pay will be stronger desire. Facebook in the relief at first may need fees or not to adopt the "sole support" means to attract more website using Facebook virtual currency. But as time goes on, believe that Facebook will be Facebook virtual currency of the main revenue source and attract the main factors of developers.

Facebook Credits Generator 2011 FREE Download

Scam or true ?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Facebook Credits to blue coins

I have a question concerning "blue coins" and "facebook credits". Seems to me that the only thing I can't figure out in this wonderful game is how to convert facebook credits to blue coins in car town. I know that after watching a video from car town that they give you a facebook credit and then the option to convert it to 2 blue coins but that doesnt always work. My f...riend had trouble with it not giving him the option of converting and he has 7 credits now. I have 2 credits currently (nothing to fuss over really) but for future refrence it would be nice to know how/if I can convert facebook credits to blue coins anytime. Thank you for your time and sorry to be a bother. However I don't plan on posting and leaving you a question without nothing in return.

there is really no need to convert Facebook credits into blue coins. they work the same. the converter that pops up after one of the videos or whatever is just a bonus. you can convert large amounts of facebook credits into blue coins (50 or more) if you want, by using the *Add Coins and Points* tab. it will automatically use any facebook credits you have toward your purchase there, before making you pay other money

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Facebook Credits Policy Raises Developers' Hackles

Facebook Credits Policy Raises Developers' Hackles

With Credits, Facebook automatically receives a 30% cut whenever consumers make a purchase with the currency. This has raised fears among some smaller developers about the viability of their businesses' future.
During a presentation at the Inside Social Apps InFocus 2011 conference in San Francisco on Tuesday, moderator Eric Eldon asked Deb Liu, a platform marketing manager at Facebook, to address these concerns.
"Every single day we know developers get to choose between our platforms and another platform," she said, a response that generated laughter and jeers from the audience, which was well-aware of Facebook's overwhelming dominance in the social media arena.
Added Liu, "We want to make Facebook the most attractive place to invest, and keep users with credits in their pockets."
There is a plus side to Facebook's recent move, said Rick Thompson, co-founder of Playdom, a social media games developer acquired by Disney in 2010. Speaking on a panel at the Inside Social Apps conference, Thompson said the decision shows Facebook is "addicted" to social media gaming and will keep investing in this area of its business.

How to get free Facebook Credits – The Guide

If you are already searching around for free credits then you would probably have stumbled on a few illegal websites. These websites claim they are able to get you five-hundred or even a large number of free Facebook credits by just giving your Facebook account details. Do not fall for this trap. They only will take away your Facebook account and sell your own personal details to unauthorized 3rd parties.
Forget individuals unauthorized internet websites which declare that you could generate about countless amount Facebook Credits by simply basically supplying ones Facebook specifics. Sometimes, you have to go the difficult strategy to earn your benefits. This write-up will reveal a technique how to get free Facebook Credits.

Start receiving Free Facebook Credits.

Start receiving Free Facebook Credits.

Looking for a legitimate way of getting free Facebook credits for Frontierville and other Zynga games like Farmville and Cityville? Here is your solution. 4Loot is a website which provides free Facebook credits for users. There are no hidden catches. 4Loot is full endorsed by Facebook itself!

How does 4Loot work?

Every time you search a term using 4Loot’s search engine, you have a chance of winning coins. Note that clicking advertisements in the search engine results won’t improve your chances of winning more coins. You can also win coins by trying out their daily quiz.




1st. open hss(hotspotshield)
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3rd. watch videos by clicking the icon on the left side as seen on the picture below.and follow the instruction.

you may also try playing this to earn credits


note: the icon can be seen in different parts of the game.
it depends on the game, you just have to use keen eyes.


Giant Eagle launches mobile redwards program

Regional independent Giant Eagle has teamed up with location-based shopping app developer Shopkick to launch a mobile marketing solution called kickbuys.

Kickbuys are rewards for buying specific products or specific brands at supermarkets. Procter & Gamble, Kraft Foods, and Unilever, are the partner brands at launch.

“We believe that shopkick’s location-based shopping app is a valuable addition to our growing array of mobile customer offerings, led by our Giant Eagle app and eOffers digital coupon program,” said Rob Borella, Giant Eagle spokesperson. “Much like our fuelperks! and foodperks! customer loyalty programs, kickbuys are another unique way for customers to be rewarded for choosing to shop in our stores.”

Shoppers buy featured items from these brands, as shown on the shopkick app, at any of Giant Eagle’s 228 supermarkets to collect “kicks” – shopkick’s reward currency. These can then be redeemed for tangible items such as gift cards at many shopkick retail partners, song downloads, movie tickets, travel vouchers, Facebook Credits to play games online, donations to 30 different causes and charities and more.

“For retailers, shopkick made huge impact by detecting actual in-store presence,” said Sonny Jandial, associate marketing director, P&G FutureWorks Silicon Valley. “For brands, they’ve now done the same: rewards tied to the confirmed purchase of our specific products. This is a major breakthrough for mobile applications. For example, a shopper purchasing Crest Whitestrips at a participating retailer will earn 1,000 kicks – which is enough to redeem immediately for a gift certificate in the shopkick Rewards Mall.”

kickbuys are offered immediately in the latest version of the shopkick app. After downloading the app, shoppers enter their Giant Eagle Advantage Card number once, and from then on, are ready to be rewarded for purchasing specific products that they choose in the app. The rewards are earned once the participating products are purchased with the Giant Eagle Advantage Card at checkout . The users are notified when the applicable kicks are credited in their shopkick accounts within 2-24 hours.

“This is what brands have been dreaming of for years,” said Ed Kaczmarek, director of innovation at Kraft Foods. ”We have always hoped that we could almost instantly reward consumers for buying our specific products at a grocery store, and even interactively via their smartphones. shopkick is creating a dynamic mobile loyalty program, which is of great value for brands like ours. This is a unique opportunity to increase engagement with our consumers, further deepening their interaction with our brands.”

Shopkick has more than 2,100,000 active users only eleven months after its launch, over half of whom are women, the majority of them moms, and 49 percent of whom fall in the 25-39 year old age range; the ideal target for brands and retailers. shopkick is the first program to reward shoppers simply for walking into partner retailers, that currently includes more than 2,700 select Target, Best Buy, Macy’s, American Eagle Outfitters, Crate & Barrel, Sports Authority, Wet Seal, West Elm and Simon Property Group locations. Users can earn additional rewards for scanning the barcodes of featured products from brand partners, which include HP and Intel in addition to those mentioned above. Now, shopkick users can also collect kicks for the actual purchase of specific products.

The shopkick app is available for free on the iPhone from the App Store at and on Android Market at

shopkick, Inc. is a Palo Alto-based startup funded by Kleiner Perkins' iFund, Greylock Partners and Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn, and investor in Facebook and Zynga. In August 2010, shopkick launched the first mobile application that hands consumers high-value rewards, offers and exclusive deals at shopkick’s national retail partners simply for walking into stores and malls.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Universal puts ‘Johnny English’ on Facebook, for ‘Facebook credits’

They’re doing all sorts of things to sell movies these days.

Universal made its money off the critically-derided “Johnny English,” a few years back. Yes, its failure in the US and the poor reviews worldwide led Rowan Atkinson to consider retirement back in 2003. But he didn’t.

And there’s a new Johnny English opening Friday (also under a deluge of bad reviews). So why not plug “Johnny English Reborn: by offering the first film, for free, online, to folks who friend the clumsy spy on Facebook? You have to have Facebook credits to rent it (30 FB credits) during a 48 hr window. Has Social Cinema, the application, arrived?

Have you been piling up those Facebook credits playing, what is it, Farmville, MafiaWars or whatever?

New Social Games Company Crowdpark Secures US$8M in Funding from Target Partners & Earlybird

Crowdpark, the leading developer focused on social betting games, today announced it has secured approximately $6M USD (€4M) in new equity funding from top European investors Target Partners and existing investor Earlybird Venture Capital. This brings the total amount of funding raised in all rounds to approximately $8M USD. The funding aims to further fuel Crowdpark's significant growth via hiring and product development for its cross-platform social games. Waldemar Jantz, partner at Target Partners, will also join the board of Crowdpark. To visually illustrate this news, please see the Crowdpark infographics.

Crowdpark brings legal betting to the world of social gaming. Unlike any other social games company, its new betting model allows users to compete against each other in betting events, using virtual currency. Crowdpark has pioneered social betting, applying its patented "dynamic betting" technology that enables forecasts in social gaming in real-time similar to how people play the stock market. Crowdpark products offer players the opportunity to bet on real life events in sports, entertainment, business, politics and other topics. For more information about Crowdpark's approach to betting, see the "Dynamic Betting: The Technology Behind Crowdpark's Social Betting Engine" white paper.

Can one use FB credits to buy stuff on Age of Champions?

One of my guild members accidently bought FB credits when he intended to buy Blue Crystals. Can he use Fb credits to buy BCs or gear? And, if so, how does he go abouot doing that?

Crowdpark Bets on Forecasting Algorithm for Facebook Game, Scores $6M Round for Mobile Development

Berlin-based social betting game developer Crowdpark has raised a $6 million second round of investment led by Europe’s Target Partners with participation from previous investor Earlybird Venture Capital. This brings the developer’s total funding to $8 million.

Crowdpark made some ink earlier this year with Bet Tycoon (formerly titled “Crowdpark – Betting Game”), consistently landing in our top 20 emerging Facebook games category toward the beginning of the summer. The game allows players to place bets of virtual currency on a range of topics in popular culture (e.g. the outcome of sports games) or on customized private topics (e.g. “Is Jane from accounting dating John from the mail room?”). Players pay in Facebook Credits to receive a pool of virtual currency, which is then placed on bets. Players receive virtual currency whenever they win a bet; but per Facebook policy and many online gambling laws in various countries, this cannot be converted back into Facebook Credits.

As the actual process of the game isn’t very visual, Crowdpark included this infographic with the press release announcing the funding to illustrate the process:

Spry Fox Targets Facebook, Google+ With Compelling Kindle Game

Triple Town is a puzzle game where players try to match three or more of an object type by placing them in tiles on a grid to create a new object type that fills a single tile. For example, three tiles of grass will combine into a bush object that takes up one tile. Combining three bushes creates a tree, three trees create a house, and so on. An additional challenge comes from giant bear creatures that move around unfilled tiles each time the player places another object. The player can convert the bears to tombstones by trapping them in a single tile with no available adjacent tile. Three tombstones convert into a castle for a higher scoring bonus. The game ends when all tiles within the map grid are filled.

With each map completed, players earn a certain number of coins — the game’s only currency — depending on what they’ve achieved with the map (e.g. building a certain number of cathedrals). These coins can be spent on objects available in a storefront that immediately replace whatever tile the game has currently offered the player. Players can also purchase additional moves for the move counter that depletes during a level with each move the player makes.

Triple Town is monetized for social networks through the sale coins via Facebook Credits or Google Checkout (on Kindle, the game is a $3.99 one-time download). Social features are currently limited to a leaderboard that tracks friends’ scores. The game is available in both Spanish and English from within the same app.

David Edery, CEO and co-founder of Spry Fox, tells us that the developer plans to add new social features and new game modes to Triple Town on Facebook and Google+. This is the company’s first social game, and so they wanted to experiment with a simple title that carried few risks. As the company is entirely self-funded, they’re careful with where and how they distribute their games.

“We try to be everywhere. We’re already on mobile with Steambirds and we’re bringing other titles there as well. We weren’t on Facebook or Google+ yet; this seemed like a fine first title to try there,” Edery says. “Our understanding was that most Facebook games suffer from pretty low retention. Our experience on the Kindle led us to believe that Triple Town might be the kind of game that could buck the trend and have a much better long-term retention rate.”

Free Facebook Credits for Sims Social!

The Tower Heist movie is giving away free Facebook Credits for a limited time, just till the movie is released. It's a sort of scavenger hunt on Facebook. All you do is like their page:
Use their Heist It Back app:
To find the other links for the free credits, you just need to like the movie's character pages on Facebook. Then find the Heist It Back buttons on each one. Each one will give you between five and ten free Facebook credits. So far, I've gotten a total of 46 credits and I was able to convert most of them for SimCash on Sims Social.

Eddie Murphy's Slide character page has two Facebook Credit buttons totally 15 credits.
Just look for the yellow buttons. Then find the rest of the character pages here:…125363657522023

To get even more credits, you get two free credits each time you get a friend to use the Heist It Back app.

This week, Simcash is on sale, so now's the time to do it, and you can use the Facebook credits to buy the Simcash.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How to Get Facebook Credits

If you enjoy playing Facebook games or checking out the latest apps, Facebook credits make it easier to purchase in-game items and premium features. While most games and apps are free, many offer special items for a price. To get these items, you pay real money for a specified amount of Facebook credits. In turn, the credits act as a digital currency.

Log in to Facebook.

Click "Account" and choose "Credits Balance." Alternatively, click "Account" and choose "Account Settings." On the My Account page, click "Payments."

Click the "Buy More" link in the Credits Balance section. A Get Facebook Credits box will appear.

Choose a payment method. Your options include PayPal, credit card or mobile phone.

Click "Continue."

Click the amount of credits you'd like to purchase. Choose the denomination of your payment. For most people, this will be "US Dollars."

Click "Continue." Enter your credit card, PayPal or mobile phone information.

Click "Complete Purchase."

How to earn free facebook credits

hello city : 5 FB credits
bubble island : 25 FB credit
treasure madness : 25 FB credit
Ninja saga : 15 FB credits
Wild Ones : 50 FB credit
Restaurant City: 120 FB credit
Playfish game

450 Freefacebook Credits for Free [Facebook Scam]

Yet another Facebook Scam, this time under the pretext of offering free Facebook credits. The signature of the scam looks like this:

Get your free 450 Facebook credits…NO surveys NO waste of time no task its totaly free the first 5000 this promo is available for the first 1000 persons only… CHECK IT OUT & ENJOY… i got mine and it works get yours here

Clicking on the link will take you to a page hosted on blogspot. Bogus, scammy links like these are usually try to leverage free services such as Blogger for their malicious behavior, and this should be a warning sign for innocent users. The page tries to convince Facebook users that they are sponsored by some gaming advertisers who pay them.

Next, you will be asked to “Like” some pages (scams like these always have a hidden motive), and then they ask you to share it 4 times on Facebook. Clicking on this button will take you to another page filled with surveys and suspicious advertisement:

How Facebook Credits Will Grow Real World Retail - Innovate 2011

Using Facebook Credits as Ecommerce Sales Incentives

As experienced merchants know, passion, emotion and a sense of excitement drive online consumers to make purchases. But marketers and businesspeople have overlooked one activity that makes consumers especially passionate: playing games on Facebook and other websites. If you think this is a casual activity that can't be monetized, consider the company this marketing and technology firm, which describes itself as a "digital goods incentives provider," recently received $6.5 million in funding to give retailers a way to drive sales and build followers by offering a popular virtual currency: Facebook Credits.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

5 Ways Merchants Can Start Utilizing Facebook Credits

1. Sell Digital, Not Physical Goods
Facebook Credits can be used to purchase virtual goods, digital goods and Facebook Deals. They still cannot be used to directly purchase physical goods or redeem anything outside of Facebook. Now, however, there are a variety of digital goods and content available (Skype calls, music, movies, additional ammunition for game battles, etc.). There is an endless list of opportunities to monetize.

2. Incentivize Fan Engagement

While the real value of a Facebook Credit is 10 cents, the perceived value is much more. As little as 30 Facebook Credits can give users access to movies, live concerts, dozens of games and more. Additionally, there are some events and entertainment where Facebook Credits may be the only currency accepted. Credits are a lot like “airline miles” that fans will seek out and accumulate from issuing companies.

3. Think Globally

Facebook Credits are an international mode of payment available in more than 47 currencies. Whenever possible, incorporate the global community in your promotional efforts. While the U.S. still makes up a large portion of the Facebook population, there is significant growth in other countries. Live concerts on Facebook, for example, have drawn participants from more than 25 countries. Recent success stories include concerts by Widespread Panic, David Gray, and even new bands like The Parlotones.

4. Deploy Digital Content

Over time, users accumulate Facebook Credits from many different brands. Think about simple ways to offer fans valuable digital content. Why not host the launch of a new music video or movie release to reward existing fans and recruit new ones? While the average Credit balance may be low today for Facebook users, expect it to grow significantly as Facebook Credits become more mainstream as the social currency of choice.

5. Be a Sponsor

If your app is consuming Facebook Credits, seek out brands and partners that will sponsor or promote your app and offer Facebook Credits to their fan base as an incentive. If you are planning on offering Facebook Credits to entice new fans, consider finding a relevant movie, concert or other credit-based event that you can promote alongside it to make the offer more appealing.

Facebook Credits go on sale in the UK

Facebook Credits can only be used to buy virtual objects, for instance in games, and can also be earned through some applications in the same manner as air miles. More than 200 apps and games currently accept Credits, and 22 of the 25 Facebook apps use them. Farmville, the most popular game on Facebook, is one of the more than 50 per cent of games to adopt the currency.

How to Win Facebook Credits on 4Loot.Com

Search the web. Your first way of winning 4Loot Coins will be by searching the web. 4Loot works like a normal search engine. Whenever you need to look something up, try Sometimes your search will result in you winning some coins. The best way to win is to just search naturally. If you search too much or put in bogus searches, the system will stop you from winning more coins.

Tower Heist Movie Launches One Million Facebook Credits Mystery

Universal Pictures launched a first-of-its-kind experience integrated within the Facebook platform in support of the studio’s upcoming action-comedy Tower Heist, starring Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy. “Heist It Back” invites users to get their own piece of fortune worth one million credits by hunting for “Heist” buttons hidden on Facebook pages and within advertising on Facebook.

The promotional campaign for one million credits mirrors the story of the film’s characters who seek revenge on the Wall Street swindler who stiffed them. The “Heist It Back” application rewards fans with Facebook Credits every time they click a “Heist” button, get their friends to join the heist, or share a story of how they got their own brand of payback.

Facebook credits and virtual scavenger hunt supporting "Heist It Back" on facebook

The "Heist It Back" application rewards fans with Facebook Credits every time they click a "Heist" button, get their friends to join the heist, or share a story of how they got their own brand of payback. Facebook Credits may be used to acquire virtual goods, such as movies, game play or other items, in applications across Facebook. Interactive agency The Branding Farm and digital goods incentive technology company Ifeelgoods worked closely with Universal to conceive and execute the promotion, which is supported by online, on-air and in-theater messaging tied to the Tower Heist trailer and television spots.

"Creating engaging experiences that bring a film's story to life online is our mission," said Doug Neil, Senior Vice President, Digital Marketing, Universal Pictures. "We view 'Heist It Back' as an innovative way to allow fans to interact with Tower Heist's characters and storyline, have fun by participating in their own heist on Facebook and earn valuable credits that enrich their experiences online."

"This campaign was born of the vision to start a strategic integration between platform applications and platform advertising," said Hill Salomon, The Branding Farm. "We believe the future of marketing movies involves extending the storyline of a film into real life in a way that is relevant, exciting and interactive for the audience."

"Universal, along with Ifeelgoods and The Branding Farm, is pioneering a brand new way to extend the excitement of a movie to its fans' lives via the appeal of digital goods and social interactions on Facebook," said Ifeelgoods Chief Executive Officer Michael Amar. "Fans earn Facebook Credits as they participate in this exciting online game and share their experience with friends."

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Zynga Asserts Independence From Facebook With Project Z

Farmville and Mafia Wars creator Zynga depends heavily on Facebook to make money. They're looking to change that with a new service "Project Z" that lets them connect directly with gamers.

Free Facebook credits

you can get credits for opening the vault, 2 credits for every friend you invite, and 10 for submitting an underdog story

eBay and Facebook unveil e-commerce partnership

Facebook executive and eBay Inc board member Katie Mitic unveiled a partnership between the two companies designed to create a new crop of e-commerce applications with social networking features.

EBay and Facebook have an existing partnership that allows the purchase of Facebook self-serve ads and Facebook Credits using PayPal, eBay's electronic payments system.

Zynga Announces Move from Facebook To Launch Own Gaming Platform

Facebook Credits reportedly takes a 30% cut of all sales, prior to that, Zynga was sharing between 2-10% of those sales with the other electronic-payment services they were utilizing. The online video game company eased the new system between July 2010 and April 2011, with the financial impact being felt almost immediately. The IPO filing also stated that if Zynga continued with Facebook’s system, the bookings would have been approximately $150 million lower.

Universal promotes Tower Heist with 1 million Facebook Credits

Universal Pictures is giving away 1 million Facebook Credits ($100,000) as part of a new type of marketing campaign for its upcoming movie Tower Heist.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Zynga breaks free of Facebook, lauches Zynga Direct

Zynga Inc. moved to reduce its reliance on Facebook Inc.'s social network, saying Tuesday it will start distributing its games directly to users online or on mobile phones.

The San Francisco social-games maker, which in July filed for an initial public offering that could value the company at $20 billion, has long depended on Facebook's platform. Zynga games such as "FarmVille" and "CityVille" are played on Facebook by 230 million monthly users.

Will Facebook Credits Work as a Real-World Currency?

Millions of Facebook users use Facebook Credits to pay for virtual goods inside games like CityVille and FarmVille. It seems that the logical next step is to use Facebook Credits to purchase digital and real-world goods. This has begun to transpire; we are seeing a robust Facebook Credit economy for virtual goods and an early stage Facebook Credit economy emerging for digital and real-world goods.
The overall social gaming market will reach $1.25 billion in 2011 according to Inside Virtual Goods. Consumers all over the web have been using their credit card to purchase virtual goods inside social games.

Facebook Credits: This is the mandatory virtual currency used for games and in-app virtual goods on the Facebook Platform. Facebook takes 30 percent on all Facebook Credit transactions within in-game applications. Facebook Credits can be purchased using a credit card, PayPal, or a mobile phone.
Facebook has launched a set of exclusive product features to support Facebook Credits inside games that developers can use. Though these features are currently available only for in-game apps, they are certainly part of the basics building blocks for a real-world currency.
Buy with friends: This feature enables players to "share" their purchase with friends and let these friends buy promoted items directly from their news feed without having visited the game.
Frictionless payments: The implementation of frictionless payments allows developers to debit a player's balance without initiating the Facebook Credits Payment Dialog, allowing gamers to have uninterrupted game play once they have made their initial Credits purchase.
Get balances: This feature lets developers retrieve a player's in-game Credit balance, to enable redemption of Credits inside the game. It also allows developers to identify players with a large balance of Credits and dynamically price virtual goods in-game to target high value customers, increase purchase, and optimize payment strategy.
Facebook Credits gift cards: In the fall of 2010, Facebook Credits became available in the physical world, as pre-paid gift cards that can be purchased at major retailers in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. in denominations of $5 to $50.
Facebook Credits as incentives: Facebook Credits are now being used as incentives for shoppers. Mobile applications such as ShopKick enable users to earn Facebook Credits for checking in at retail locations. Consumers can collect kickbucks for walking into participating retailers like Best Buy, Macy's, and American Eagle and turn kickbucks into Facebook Credits. Best Buy has announced it is rolling out the ShopKick app to its 1,300 stores nationwide. Another platform called ifeelgoods allows retailers to offer Facebook Credits to customers as incentives to purchase goods in their e-commerce stores.
Facebook Credits for non-game digital goods: Warner Bros. became the first Hollywood studio to offer movies for purchase direct to consumers inside Facebook; "The Dark Knight" streamed inside Facebook was available for 30 Facebook Credits ($3). This is the first time Facebook Credits were used for non-game digital goods inside the Facebook platform.
Facebook Deals: Launched on April 26 in five cities with the focus on shared experiences as opposed to just discounts. Currently consumers pay for Facebook Deals inside Facebook with a credit card, with PayPal or with Facebook Credits, Facebook's own currency that, for the first time, is being used to buy real-world goods. While Credits is one of the payment options for Facebook Deals, Facebook is not doing a 30/70 split on revenue as it does with developers and Credits inside Facebook Games.
Earn Facebook Credits watching branded videos: Facebook allows game players to earn one Facebook Credit in exchange for watching branded videos inside Facebook Games. This is offered through Facebook's partnership with TrialPay on its DealSpot product.
Not yet launched but could be coming soon, the integration of Facebook Deals and Facebook Credits with mobile devices, Facebook Places, and Facebook Check-in Deals.
With the convergence of social and mobile, targeting the 250 million Facebook mobile users with Facebook Credits for the purchase of real-world goods is the logical next step. Location-based shopping with the help of over 600 million friends on Facebook seems like a good fit. Facebook Credits may change how we think about using social experiences to generate revenue both on and off Facebook.

How to get Facebook Credits for Free

Earn Facebook Credits the easy fun way by finding more great games to play, taking advantage of great shopping bargains, and telling companies what you really think of their products and services.

Step One: Choose your free gift!
Note that you can change your gift at a later time.
Please also note that offers are currently only open to U.S. Residents.
We at ScoreFacebookCredits are working hard with advertisers to open up for CA/UK/AUS.
We are promise we didn't forget you.

How to get Facebook Credits for free ? (Free Facebook Credits)

How to get Facebook Credits for free ? (Free Facebook Credits)

Social Networking Giant Facebook has strongly emerged as a Social Gaming Platform too. Either it is Farmvile or Mafia wars, tons of million users play these games each and everyday. At the same time, every player has 1 question in mind, ” How to get Facebook Credits for free “. Many of the Facebook users are addicted to these games so much and want to get the credits anyhow. This has led to a huge demand of Facebook Credits. So lets have a look at what these credits are and how to get free Facebook Credits.

These Credits are actually bought using Credit Cards, Paypal or other means of payment. So here in this post i am sharing some ways which will tell you how to get Facebook Credits for Free….

1. Click here to go to an app, whose name is Hello City. This app gives you 5 free credits on completing the first level of it.

2. By playing a Game “Happy Pets”, you can earn 1 credit each day for a limited time.

3. Click on to Account Setting >> Payments. Click on buy more in Credits Balance and then select More Payment Options. In the window, choose Earn Credits. You might see a whole list of signups where you could get credits for downloading software, liking apps etc. These credits are usually free, but you need to take some surveys or need to sign-up for those services, which is not actually a very handy task.

Apart from the ways which i mentioned above, sometimes Game developers also provide free credits either at the time of launching a new game, or in the form of lucky draws or at completing a certain stage of a game.

As i told in the beginning, the craze of these games is so much in the users, so they keep trying the spam links on some pages, which bet them to give 1000′s of free credits. But that is not actually true. by doing so, you compromise with the security of your account as well as your personal information. I would suggest you not to click on those links .

There is one more way, which can make you earn thousands of credits without risking your account an dwithout any illegal practice, just have a look at the below video

How To Get FaceBook Credits

How To Get FaceBook Credits

Lots of friends were asking me about how to get FaceBook Credits in order to buy Reward Points on Mafia Wars game..
There are two ways that I know..

First, you can just buy it using your PayPal or Credit Card or else..
Or you can play some of FaceBook games and wait for the Credits to be added on your account..
For some infos about which games to play, you can go here :

Here are some examples of Credits :

You can get 25 FaceBook Credits by playing Mafia Wars game.. but again, it's only for random players

Obtaining Facebook Credits

In addition to purchasing credits within Facebook, there are a number of online and offline channels for earning or buying Facebook Credits. These include the following.
Gift cards - In the U.S., Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Radio Shack, GameStop, and Safeway sell Facebook credit gift cards in their stores. Facebook Credits gift cards are sold in Tesco and Game shops in the U.K. Facebook Credits gift cards are also sold in over 500,000 outlets in five Southeast Asian countries, India, Australia, and New Zealand.
Rixty lets users get Facebook Credits by buying a prepaid Rixty giftcard with coins or cash at stores and then converting it to Facebook credits.
Shopkick allows users to earn Facebook credits by checking in to stores with an iPhone or Android application.
ifeelgoods enables online retailers to offer Facebook Credits as incentives for making purchases, signing up for e-mail newsletters, and other actions.
AppDog awards users with an Apple or Android mobile device with free Facebook Credits in exchange for downloading apps. Downloaded apps can be free or paid.
Bing Rewards Preview allows you to obtain Facebook credits

Using Facebook Credits

Currently, over 150 developers use Facebook Credits in more than 650 Facebook games and applications, which represents over 70% of virtual goods purchased on Facebook. Developers offering Facebook Credits include Zynga (FarmVille, FrontierVille), CrowdStar (Happy Aquarium, HelloCity), and PopCap Games (Bejeweled Blitz) as well as Playdom, Playfish, RockYou, and 6waves.
In September 2010, it was announced that Facebook Credits would become the exclusive payment method for all games developed by Zynga and hosted on Facebook. Zynga is the number one Facebook application developer and was expected to earn $500 million in 2010 from virtual goods.
It was announced in April of 2011 that Facebook users will be able to use Credits to purchase vouchers that can be redeemed for real goods and services by using the "Deals" offering.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

EBay to deepen Facebook relationship

EBay Inc is set to deepen its relationship with social network leader Facebook at a developer conference this week, a person familiar with the e-commerce company said on Tuesday.

EBay is trying to encourage outside developers to create applications for its e-commerce platforms and is making a particularly strong push in mobile commerce.

Mitic is scheduled to be one of the keynote speakers at the X.commerce conference on Wednesday. Facebook Platform, which Mitic helps run, is the company's developer unit, so any new partnership will focus on this area, the person said on condition of anonymity because the plans aren't public yet.

Facebook iPad App To Use Apple’s In App Purchases, Not Facebook Credits

Facebook iPad App To Use Apple’s In App Purchases, Not Facebook Credits

Facebook has its own payment system for games and apps on its social network, called Facebook Credits, and now it would appear that the new Facebook iPad app wont use Facebook Credits for purchases, instead it will use Apple’s in app purchases.

Users of the Facebook iPad app, who want to purchase Facebook games and apps will have to make their purchases via Apple’s in app purchasing, just like any other app.

How do I use my facebook credits on Restaurant City?

I don’t know how I got them, but I have 20 facebook credits that I can use on almost any game. I would like to use them on Restaurant City, but I can’t find out how.

I am not completely sure cause I don’t have any credits on facebook but i think you just buy something and press credits.

How to Earn Facebook Credits for Free

Base on my experience, I am condifedent to say that it is really easy and simple on how to get facebook credits for free. There a many ways that could be done for you to get free credits so let's just discuss the most common ways first. There are few things you need to do before performing this method first is that you have to have a computer, second internet connection and third you need to be registered on Facebook so you can start to gather credit points on the network. Just so you know, Facebook credits is like a real money the only thing that differs froms real money this that Facebook credits is a virtual currencies meaning through the use to credits you can buy stuff online such as cool items and many more. The good thing about Facebook credits is that it helps you earns money, yes Facebook credits is convertable to real money unlike any other website which only offers ads and some requires a memberships fees.

Having knowledge where and how to do this is important. Most avid Facebook users are using the gaming applications on the network in order to get free facebook credits. To start off, Hello City is a gaming application on Facebook which give 5 Facebook credits it's not much but it counts what you need to do is that you have to complete the first level of the game and then after the completing you will be informed that you have earned five facook credits. Happy Pet gives you 1 facebook credits everyday as you played it daily. By playing Super Poke you can earn as well free extra Facebook credits up to 20 Facebook credits which is equivalent to $2 in real money. This are some of the games on the network that provides a few and free Facebook credits. While some people are trying to hack Facebook credits but you know hacking is illegal and will lead to serious consiquences if you get caught.

How do I redeem my Facebook Credits gift card?

How do I redeem my Facebook Credits gift card?
To redeem your Facebook Credits gift card follow these instructions:

Enter the redemption PIN code on the back of your gift card in the "Enter PIN Code" field in the pop-up box
Please note the entire value of the card is added to your credits balance after you redeem your card. You will not be able to use the card again after redeeming on your account.

How to get Facebook credits for Free

Getting Facebook credits for free

Sure those Facebook credits can be bought easily. But not all of us are such great Farmville or Mafia Wars enthusiasts, that we will pay for that special colored pig, or the limited edition pistol. We like those items free. What one must understand is that Facebook credits are a sort of online currency. No one hands out money for free. A few weeks ago, the game developers did start giving out some credits for free for promotions, but now everyone wants more and more.

Contrary to what many believe, Facebook credits are NOT ALWAYS available for free through such links. However some games and apps on this social network do hand out a certain limited amount of credit as a token of participation or upon completing tasks within the game.

Below we highlight some of the basic answers to how to get Facebook credits free. However one should keep in mind that these the developers offering them constantly keep changing the offers, so maybe these ways may have been ironed out or stopped by the time you decide to give them a try.

  • Go to Account Setting>Payments. Click on buy more in Credits Balance and then select More Payment Options. In the window, choose Earn Credits. You might see a whole list of signups where you could get credits for downloading software, liking apps etc.
  • In the Facebook search bar, type “HelloCity”; this is a game. All you have to do is finish the first part of the game to earn 5 free credits.
  • By playing “Happy Pets”, you could get 1 credit per day for a limited period.
  • If you like “IMVU” on Facebook, there is a chance that they gift out 500 free Facebook credits. However, this is just a limited period offer, so hurry!
  • Apart from the above mentioned ways, the game developers often provide free credits through promotions, lucky draws, and even when the player levels up.

The craze to get free Facebook credits has led a lot of people into trying out links and spam which promise something like 10,000 Facebook credits for free but actually do something very different and potentially risky for your online security and privacy. So always be on the lookout that you do not fall into these lucrative traps.

How much do Facebook Credits cost when purchased with a Facebook gift card?

How much do Facebook Credits cost when purchased with a Facebook gift card?

When using a credit card, credits are $0.10 apiece. When paying via phone they're significantly more. I can't find anything on the PoS display, card, or Facebook web site to find out what the purchase rate is for gift cards purchased in a retail store.

Using the Facebook Credits Gift Card to purchase FB Credits is 100% identical to using a Credit card or Paypal to purchase Credits. You receive the face value of the card in Credits ($0.10 apiece). There are no added fees or reduction of Credits to pay for the costs of this sales channel as Facebook covers those costs as a cost of doing business to provide consumers the cards.

how do i get facebook credits for free

You don't need to buy facebook credits (FBs) , just earn it :

1. Login Facebook;
2. Click the arrow on the right of Home -> Account Settings->payments->Credits Balance
3. In the popup box, click More Payment Options -> Earn credits

Monday, October 10, 2011

Social Game Revenue Will Outgrow Facebook By 2014

Facebook Credits

The use of Facebook Credits as a payment platform became mandatory for all game developers July 1, offering developers less flexibility. Having to share 30 percent of revenues is a big sore point.

Whose 30% is it? Apple wins financial standoff vs. Facebook

Facebook said today that those in-app apps won’t be able to use the Facebook Credits system as their payment mechanism when running on Facebook’s app for iPhone or iPad. That means they’ll work instead through Apple’s native iOS payments system, where Apple takes a 30% cut.
Here’s the thing: We also know that Facebook takes a 30% cut from Facebook Credits purchases, as detailed by Zynga in its financial documents. So if Facebook implemented Facebook Credits in its iOS apps, it would have been in a position to supersede Apple as the toll collector for purchases related to this new subset of apps.

Facebook releases iPad app

Ellison said Facebook's new mobile services also could push magazine publishers or other media companies to build Facebook apps that could run on any tablet, offering content that consumers could buy using Facebook Credits, its digital currency. Facebook gets a 30 percent cut of services bought with Credits, analysts say, and the payment service is a significant and growing share of Facebook's total revenue.

Facebook to Offer Tips, Advertising Credits to Small Businesses

Small businesses just got another reason to be on Facebook: access to up to $10 million in free advertising credits.
The social media giant has joined forces with the National Federation of Independent Businesses and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to help U.S.-based small businesses grow and create more jobs by using Facebook. The initiative is intended to teach small businesses how to use Facebook to generate new customers, retain existing ones and build an online community through things like buying display ads targeting specific markets as well as other cost-free measures.
While many small businesses may be disenchanted by the idea of being on Facebook, its sheer number of users is reason enough not to ignore it. Facebook claims to have more than 800 million users--a potential massive audience for small businesses if targeted properly.
How Small Businesses Can Cash in on Facebook’s New Deals Feature
Using Facebook to Create a Business
According to Facebook, the National Federation of Independent Businesses and the Chamber of Commerce, small businesses in the U.S. employ more than half of all private-sector workers and have created more than 64% of all new jobs during the past 15 years.
“Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy and we believe that Facebook can be a tremendous tool to fuel their growth and success,” said Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer for Facebook, in a recent press release.
The new program, which officially starts next month, starts with a nation-wide roadshow coordinated with local chambers of commerce and regional NFIB offices. Facebook officials and members of the two groups will host forums for small business owners on how they can use best use Facebook.
The joint effort includes webinars, case studies and tips to educate small business owners on how to boost their connection with customers via Facebook and reach new ones via free tools like Pages and Platforms. Small businesses will also learn other marketing options available on Facebook.
While promoting the benefits of being on Facebook and teaching small businesses how to effectively use the medium will boost marketing efforts, the real incentive for small businesses will likely be the free advertising credits. Starting in January, 200,000 businesses around the country will get at least $50 of free advertisement credits to be used on Facebook. The company plans to provide more details on the program soon.
The program is part of an emerging trend of large companies looking for ways to help small businesses thrive. Earlier this week, Starbucks Chief Executive Howard Schultz pledged to donate at least $100,000 of profits annually from two Starbucks stores in low-income areas to boost jobs in those communities.
The tech industry in particular has been targeting the small business market with online education campaigns to help them grow and create more jobs.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Get Facebook Credits Using Bing Rewards

Now its even easier to get facebook credits, especially if you like to use Bing. You can now take advantage of Bing Rewards to get more facebook credits.

Top search engine, Bing, has a newly launched rewards program which allows users to get credits.

As opposed to facebook credits, which you must pay for, Bing gives credits to users who “earn” them.

Bing explains how their new rewards system works:

How do I earn credits?

You earn credits by taking advantage of offers that may include searching or exploring features of Bing. Offers are found in the Rewards credit counter located in the top right of the header on Bing.

How do I redeem credits for a reward?

It’s easy. Once you’ve accumulated enough credits, make your choice in the redemption center, provide your shipping info and we’ll send it to you. Shipping is free! Please note we can only ship to addresses within the 50 United States (includes D.C.). We cannot ship to P.O. boxes or military APO or FPO addresses.

As of this writing, the only Facebook Credits option we see in Bing’s online redemption center — linked above — consists of a $ 10 prepaid card with 1,176 Credits usable on FarmVille.

We’re guessing that more Facebook Credits variations will become available in Bing’s redemption center sometime in the future; perhaps this already includes the ability to apply the FarmVille prepaid card toward other Zynga games on the social network.

Regardless, this arrangement between Bing and Facebook seems rather timely given how the social network has set a July 1 deadline for all applications on the platform to accept Credits as a mode of payment.

Readers, have you tried out Bing’s rewards program yet, and if so, what do you think of it? Does the prospect of earning Facebook Credits make you more interested in signing up?

How to Get Facebook Credits: Online and Offline

How to Get Facebook Credits: Online and Offline

Facebook Credits can be used to purchase virtual goods, such as . Learn how to get Facebook Credits online and offline, with or without money.
There are a variety of games and applications within the virtual world of Facebook, along with purchasable goods from within. Known as “virtual currency,” Facebook Credits may be used to buy these premium virtual goods.

How to Get Facebook Credits: Virtual Currency for Virtual Goods
With the ease and convenience of today’s technology, it is not surprising that Facebook provides its consumers with the simplicity of purchasing credits and verifying their credit balance with a click of a mouse. Members may do so by accessing the “Payments” tab under “Account Settings,” as well as checking balance information in “Games Dashboard.” Additionally, multiple games on the Facebook platform give users the option of purchasing credits from within.

Payment methods accepted by Facebook include credit card, cellphone, or PayPal.[1] Members adding credit cards to their Facebook accounts will receive a momentary charge until the card is validated; this debit will be credited within 3-5 business days upon validation. With regard to purchasing credits via mobile phone, Facebook cautions its consumers that some carriers place a minimum sale of $10.00.

International neighbors have the ability of selecting their currency, if accepted, by changing “Preferred Currency” under the “Payments” tab. Non-US currencies are converted at the current exchange rate; credits are then added at USD $0.10 apiece. Current currencies accepted by Facebook include, as according to their site:

(AUD) Australian Dollars;
(GBP) British Pounds;
(CAD) Canadian Dollars;
(CLP) Chilean Peso;
(COP) Colombian Peso;
(DKK) Danish Krone;
(EUR) Euro;
(HKD) Hong Kong Dollar;
(JPY) Japanese Yen;
(NOK) Norwegian Krone;
(SEK) Swedish Krona;
(CHF) Swiss Franc;
(TRY) Turkish Lira;
(USD) US Dollars; and
(VEF) Venezuelan Bolivar.[2]
Offline, credits can be purchased in the form of a gift card—valuing $15.00, $25.00 and $50.00—at varying stores within the U.S., Canada, and U.K. Co-branded gift cards are for sale in certain regions of the world, such as Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Other Ways to Acquire Facebook Credits
Rixty gift cards have RixtyCodes printed on them that may be exchanged for credits at their site. These prepaid gift cards may be purchased either at participating stores or received as selected payment through a Coinstar kiosk after exchanging cash and coins.

How To Get Free Facebook Credits

If you have found yourself on this article then I can safely assume that you are searching for a way to get free Facebook credits. In case you have stumbled across this article whilst searching for something else, Facebook credits is a virtual currency used to pay for virtual goods in Facebook applications and Facebook games. Each $1 spent is worth 10 credits, in other words each credit is worth $0.10 each. Facebook retains 30% of all revenue which is gained through the sale of credits. In other words, if you use 20 credits worth $2 to pay for a virtual good in a Zynga game then Facebook will retain $0.60 of the revenues whilst Zynga will retain $1.40 of the revenue. Over 50 major games and applications currently use Facebook credits as a payment system, and it has become so popular as a currency that industry experts have speculated that the currency could be adapted to pose a major threat to the dominance of Paypal. Anyway, on with ways to get free Facebook credits!

How To Get Facebook Credits Free
There have been numerous articles, videos and forum posts claiming to have magic ways of obtaining free Facebook credits. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of them are false promises and some even ask for cash in return for the secrets. Now, forgive me if I am wrong, but Facebook credits are not free if you need to pay to find out how to get them. Fortunately for you, I am willing to share my knowledge for free. Here are a number of methods which have at least worked in the past and, hopefully, will still work for you today.

Free Facebook Credits By Completing Offers
You must read this first, navigate to the free offers via the following route: Account>Payments>Credit Balance>Buy More>Show More Payment Options>Earn for free by shopping.

45 Free Facebook Credits From Snapfish (UK) - Complete the offer from Snapfish for free photo prints, pay 99p postage and get 45 free Facebook game credits. Now, technically you are paying approximately $1.50 and getting $3 of free credits, but you also get to enjoy your free photos!
85 Free Facebook Credits From Vista Print - Sign up to recieve free business cards, which you design, and get 85 free Facebook credits. You have to pay around $4 for postage, but get $8.50 worth of credits.
15 Free Credits From apario - complete the two easy surveys and instantly get 15 free credits worth $1.50. Easy peasy!
10 Free Credits From Opinion Surveys - Complete free surveys and get 10 Facebook credits for each survey that you complete, that is $1 worth of credits per survey.
5 Free Facebook Games Credits From Glamoo - Simply sign up to Glamoo, for free, and get 5 free game credits worth 50 cents.
5 Free Facebook Credits From Reading Eggs - Sign up for the free learning software, and get 5 free credits immediately.
Free Fb Game Credits
5 Free Facebook Credits With Hello City
The new Facebook game 'Hello City' is offering 5 free Facebook credits, worth 50 cents, to anybody who joins their game and reaches level 3. Simply search for the game as you would any other application, and join accordingly. Hey presto, 5 free Facbook credits for you to use on whichever game or application that you wish.

Play Other Games, Especially Zynga Ones
Thousands of Facebook users have reported being given random Facebook credits by games such as Farmville, being surprised when a message pops up informing them of such. In addition, Facebook sporadically gives out free credits as a form of reimbursement, look out for links to these promotions whilst playing games!

Facebook Credits Going Mobile

There are 250 Million users using facebook on mobile devices – getting facebook credits there is only a natural evolution of the product.

There is a project called “Project Spartan” which will be built on the HTML5 Platform that will enable it to run on iPhones and IPads. HTML5 is considered to be the coding language of the future, since it can be used on mobile devices as well.

This is all technical Chinese, the first mission of this vision is to buy virtual stuff on mobiles using facebook credits. Later on, I think it will also consolidate with facebook deals and places and allow buying physical goods.