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How to Get Facebook Credits: Online and Offline

How to Get Facebook Credits: Online and Offline

Facebook Credits can be used to purchase virtual goods, such as . Learn how to get Facebook Credits online and offline, with or without money.
There are a variety of games and applications within the virtual world of Facebook, along with purchasable goods from within. Known as “virtual currency,” Facebook Credits may be used to buy these premium virtual goods.

How to Get Facebook Credits: Virtual Currency for Virtual Goods
With the ease and convenience of today’s technology, it is not surprising that Facebook provides its consumers with the simplicity of purchasing credits and verifying their credit balance with a click of a mouse. Members may do so by accessing the “Payments” tab under “Account Settings,” as well as checking balance information in “Games Dashboard.” Additionally, multiple games on the Facebook platform give users the option of purchasing credits from within.

Payment methods accepted by Facebook include credit card, cellphone, or PayPal.[1] Members adding credit cards to their Facebook accounts will receive a momentary charge until the card is validated; this debit will be credited within 3-5 business days upon validation. With regard to purchasing credits via mobile phone, Facebook cautions its consumers that some carriers place a minimum sale of $10.00.

International neighbors have the ability of selecting their currency, if accepted, by changing “Preferred Currency” under the “Payments” tab. Non-US currencies are converted at the current exchange rate; credits are then added at USD $0.10 apiece. Current currencies accepted by Facebook include, as according to their site:

(AUD) Australian Dollars;
(GBP) British Pounds;
(CAD) Canadian Dollars;
(CLP) Chilean Peso;
(COP) Colombian Peso;
(DKK) Danish Krone;
(EUR) Euro;
(HKD) Hong Kong Dollar;
(JPY) Japanese Yen;
(NOK) Norwegian Krone;
(SEK) Swedish Krona;
(CHF) Swiss Franc;
(TRY) Turkish Lira;
(USD) US Dollars; and
(VEF) Venezuelan Bolivar.[2]
Offline, credits can be purchased in the form of a gift card—valuing $15.00, $25.00 and $50.00—at varying stores within the U.S., Canada, and U.K. Co-branded gift cards are for sale in certain regions of the world, such as Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Other Ways to Acquire Facebook Credits
Rixty gift cards have RixtyCodes printed on them that may be exchanged for credits at their site. These prepaid gift cards may be purchased either at participating stores or received as selected payment through a Coinstar kiosk after exchanging cash and coins.

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