Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How to get Facebook credits for Free

Getting Facebook credits for free

Sure those Facebook credits can be bought easily. But not all of us are such great Farmville or Mafia Wars enthusiasts, that we will pay for that special colored pig, or the limited edition pistol. We like those items free. What one must understand is that Facebook credits are a sort of online currency. No one hands out money for free. A few weeks ago, the game developers did start giving out some credits for free for promotions, but now everyone wants more and more.

Contrary to what many believe, Facebook credits are NOT ALWAYS available for free through such links. However some games and apps on this social network do hand out a certain limited amount of credit as a token of participation or upon completing tasks within the game.

Below we highlight some of the basic answers to how to get Facebook credits free. However one should keep in mind that these the developers offering them constantly keep changing the offers, so maybe these ways may have been ironed out or stopped by the time you decide to give them a try.

  • Go to Account Setting>Payments. Click on buy more in Credits Balance and then select More Payment Options. In the window, choose Earn Credits. You might see a whole list of signups where you could get credits for downloading software, liking apps etc.
  • In the Facebook search bar, type “HelloCity”; this is a game. All you have to do is finish the first part of the game to earn 5 free credits.
  • By playing “Happy Pets”, you could get 1 credit per day for a limited period.
  • If you like “IMVU” on Facebook, there is a chance that they gift out 500 free Facebook credits. However, this is just a limited period offer, so hurry!
  • Apart from the above mentioned ways, the game developers often provide free credits through promotions, lucky draws, and even when the player levels up.

The craze to get free Facebook credits has led a lot of people into trying out links and spam which promise something like 10,000 Facebook credits for free but actually do something very different and potentially risky for your online security and privacy. So always be on the lookout that you do not fall into these lucrative traps.

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