Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How to Earn Facebook Credits for Free

Base on my experience, I am condifedent to say that it is really easy and simple on how to get facebook credits for free. There a many ways that could be done for you to get free credits so let's just discuss the most common ways first. There are few things you need to do before performing this method first is that you have to have a computer, second internet connection and third you need to be registered on Facebook so you can start to gather credit points on the network. Just so you know, Facebook credits is like a real money the only thing that differs froms real money this that Facebook credits is a virtual currencies meaning through the use to credits you can buy stuff online such as cool items and many more. The good thing about Facebook credits is that it helps you earns money, yes Facebook credits is convertable to real money unlike any other website which only offers ads and some requires a memberships fees.

Having knowledge where and how to do this is important. Most avid Facebook users are using the gaming applications on the network in order to get free facebook credits. To start off, Hello City is a gaming application on Facebook which give 5 Facebook credits it's not much but it counts what you need to do is that you have to complete the first level of the game and then after the completing you will be informed that you have earned five facook credits. Happy Pet gives you 1 facebook credits everyday as you played it daily. By playing Super Poke you can earn as well free extra Facebook credits up to 20 Facebook credits which is equivalent to $2 in real money. This are some of the games on the network that provides a few and free Facebook credits. While some people are trying to hack Facebook credits but you know hacking is illegal and will lead to serious consiquences if you get caught.

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