Sunday, October 23, 2011

Facebook Credits to blue coins

I have a question concerning "blue coins" and "facebook credits". Seems to me that the only thing I can't figure out in this wonderful game is how to convert facebook credits to blue coins in car town. I know that after watching a video from car town that they give you a facebook credit and then the option to convert it to 2 blue coins but that doesnt always work. My f...riend had trouble with it not giving him the option of converting and he has 7 credits now. I have 2 credits currently (nothing to fuss over really) but for future refrence it would be nice to know how/if I can convert facebook credits to blue coins anytime. Thank you for your time and sorry to be a bother. However I don't plan on posting and leaving you a question without nothing in return.

there is really no need to convert Facebook credits into blue coins. they work the same. the converter that pops up after one of the videos or whatever is just a bonus. you can convert large amounts of facebook credits into blue coins (50 or more) if you want, by using the *Add Coins and Points* tab. it will automatically use any facebook credits you have toward your purchase there, before making you pay other money

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