Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Free Facebook Credits for Sims Social!

The Tower Heist movie is giving away free Facebook Credits for a limited time, just till the movie is released. It's a sort of scavenger hunt on Facebook. All you do is like their page:
Use their Heist It Back app:
To find the other links for the free credits, you just need to like the movie's character pages on Facebook. Then find the Heist It Back buttons on each one. Each one will give you between five and ten free Facebook credits. So far, I've gotten a total of 46 credits and I was able to convert most of them for SimCash on Sims Social.

Eddie Murphy's Slide character page has two Facebook Credit buttons totally 15 credits.
Just look for the yellow buttons. Then find the rest of the character pages here:…125363657522023

To get even more credits, you get two free credits each time you get a friend to use the Heist It Back app.

This week, Simcash is on sale, so now's the time to do it, and you can use the Facebook credits to buy the Simcash.

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