Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Facebook Credits Take Aim At The Rest Of Web

Facebook Credits Take Aim At The Rest Of Web

The dollar? Meh. The euro? That’s so 1995. Facebook Credits is taking aim at becoming the new universal currency. And it’s starting with the web.
Facebook announced in a post on its Developer Blog Friday that it’s testing the use of Credits on other websites:

The real push began July 1, when game developers were required to use Facebook Credits. Now, the social network is taking aim at the rest of the Internet.
Like our sibling blog Inside Facebook pointed out:
During the test, Facebook will closely monitor the demand for Credits as a payment method and the user experience of those who pay though its virtual currency. If a high enough percentage of users make purchases through Credits and feedback is positive, Facebook may expend additional resources to let more websites add Credits as a payment option.
It’s one thing for Facebook to ask for a 30 percent cut of all revenue earned via transactions on its own site, but if Credits goes from a test to a live phenomenon online, surely that fee might need revisiting in order for the service to compete effectively with other payments systems.
As for the Gamehouse test, Inside Facebook reported that users who log on to the game via Facebook and play Collapse Blast or UNO Boost will only see Credits as a payment option.
It’s possible that moving forward, Facebook Credits might be offered alongside other payment methods.
Readers, do you think Facebook Credits will fly as a currency elsewhere online?

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