Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Universal puts ‘Johnny English’ on Facebook, for ‘Facebook credits’

They’re doing all sorts of things to sell movies these days.

Universal made its money off the critically-derided “Johnny English,” a few years back. Yes, its failure in the US and the poor reviews worldwide led Rowan Atkinson to consider retirement back in 2003. But he didn’t.

And there’s a new Johnny English opening Friday (also under a deluge of bad reviews). So why not plug “Johnny English Reborn: by offering the first film, for free, online, to folks who friend the clumsy spy on Facebook? You have to have Facebook credits to rent it (30 FB credits) during a 48 hr window. Has Social Cinema, the application, arrived?

Have you been piling up those Facebook credits playing, what is it, Farmville, MafiaWars or whatever?

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