Thursday, October 27, 2011

Facebook Looking to Expand Reach of Facebook Credits

Facebook Credits is no longer solely the domain of Facebook. The once exclusive currency for Facebook is now accepted as payment on for two of their titles as part of a testing program that will see how viable Credits can be outside of the social networking giant.

Facebook Credits, which started way back in July as the exclusive form of payment, was offered as a means for Facebook to ramp up additional revenues through gaming by way of in-game currency. Those credits give Facebook a 30 percent cut of each purchase made, while ensuring that all purchases are made through the Credits system.

The new testing program is offering Facebook Credits as an alternative means of payment, should gamers want to play games on other websites. is already testing the application on two titles, Collapse Blast and Uno Boost.

The viability seems pretty good, with millions of Credits users and accounts already in play. Retailers might have to take a bit less than they're used to, but the potential for millions of customers should more than outweigh the current status-quo.

Facebook notes that the new test is aimed at creating a “more unified app experience.” They also say that they are currently “focused on gathering early developer feedback” on how well the test is going.

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